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The early activities of our company was started back in 1998 by Mr. Manar Barakat. who is the founder of our company. In line with the growing demand from the market towards high quality products through the years, the activities of the company was brought together under a modern, strong and reliable structure and the brand name of ALMANAR in order to reach a larger scale of consumers in various markets both at local and international levels.

Taking the advantage of being located in Idleb region, which is both famous for being the center of long and healthy life: and. is globally regarded as the central region for dried figs, we have concentrated our activities mainly over the processing of dried figs. In addition to dried figs, our product range includes Durum wheat, Lentil, Lentil peeled, Hummus, Beans, Paprika, Rice, Cardamom and etc., as well. We have been processing and packaging our products both in accordance with the related Syria and Saudi Arabia Food Codex regulations and under the conditions set by the reputable international standards. Therefore, it has been our pleasure for many years that we provide our products to our customers from all over the world meeting all their quality requirements.

We are proud to have the chance to succeed to have a prestigious name in both local and international markets within a short period after the introduction of ALMANAR brand. We believe in that the key factor in our success has been our principle "to provide highest quality products with an excellent service to reach highest customer satisfaction". It is our pleasure to witness the growing interest towards our company and the increasing demands towards our products from local and international customers; and therefore, we are constantly improving our company in order to meet the requirements of the markets accordingly.

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Saudi Arabia

Address : Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Telephone : +966 263 64 09

Fax : +966 268 46 38


Address : Mersin, Turkey

Telephone : +90 537 625 74 66

Fax : +90 324 238 00 25


Address : Idleb, Syria

Telephone : +90 850 650 25 56

Mobile : +963 988 96 81 01

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